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07 February 2009 @ 02:17 pm

Welcome to the official IMP Carolina livejournal. We are also on Facebook and have a domain website of our own, but those are more for members. This is a generic IMP Carolina forum where fans and crew members alike can post news, opinions, applications, and anything to do with my humble motion picture company =) Our lovely layout was also provided by scholarslayouts

A few housekeeping tips- please use proper grammar/spelling when you post. If u post lyk dis!!!11!!...then I will give you a warning and delete your post if it does not get fixed within 24 hours. Also, please refrain from posting any NC-17 fics, stories, pictures, or other media here, especially if it does not have anything to do with our company and cause. This includes userpics! Though I am admittidly not a stickler for language, so I won't harp at you about that.

Last, no flaming please. If you begin a discussion please respect the other person's opinion when posting your rebuttal. If you start any brawls or wank of any kind, you will be immediatly banned from the community.

Other than that, feel free to pull a chair up to the table and put on a pot of coffee. Welcome to IMP Carolina.