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07 February 2009 @ 09:28 pm
taking applications  

To gather a database of who wants to be directly involved with our process, I am taking generic applications of our members. If you are just a bystander, feel free to pass over this message, but if you would like to be in the cast, crew, or other behind-the-scenes work on any of our projects, please fill out the information under the cut.

Phone Numer (if you are local):
Email Address:

Can you drive?:
Do you live alone/with parents/with spouse?:
Do you have experiance with filmmaking?:
Any other art form?:
Are you good with sound/video equipment?:

(Please site examples of each of the above)

What are your other strengths?:
Do you have a part time or full time job?:
Are you available during weekends?:
Are you available during summers?:
Are you willing to be devoted to whatever job(s) you take on with IMP Carolina?:

Please copy and paste the above form into a comment, then fill out the fields. These comments are screened, so no one else will see your personal information but me =) I will reply to you to confirm that I have taken your information into consideration.

Thank You!